To achieve the best results, the cancer registry of the cantons of Zurich and Zug requires not only high quality data collection and processing (data input), but also use of the collected data (data output). This wealth of information shall be used in a targeted manner for the benefit of public health.

The requirements, collaboration and output of the cancer registry of the cantons of Zurich and Zug were prepared as a graphic for an informational event.

The primary component of the data collection is pathology reports from public and private institutions, which ensure good data quality. The data is augmented by hospital statistics and statistics on the cause of death from the Federal Statistical Office (FSO). Another important task is clarification of the place of residence and follow-ups with cancer patients by the municipalities and central register of persons. Missing information is gathered as needed by attending physicians and primary care providers through targeted questions. Information concerning patients from Zurich or Zug from other cantonal cancer registries is also continuously documented.

The following flow chart provides a summary of the procedure of data collection and processing in the cancer registry of the cantons of Zurich and Zug.

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