Legal basis

Federal law on cancer registration

In the near future, a federal law on the registration of cancer incidences is planned; NICER and the cantonal cancer registry have prepared the following statement:
Statement on the draft federal legislation.

On behalf of the cantons of Zurich and Zug

According to the Cancer Registry Law which is taking effect on 1.1.2017 (Cantonal Council Decree of 27.8.2014 and decree of the Councilor of the Canton of 28.9.2015),  and a Zug Cantonal Council decision on the cancer registry ordinance in 2010, the cancer registry primarily has epidemiological objectives with the following functions:

  • Determination of the incidence of different types of cancers. Analysis of incidence and mortality in terms of trends in cancer treatment (general monitoring function).
  • Determination of the prevalence of cancer in the population for the benefit of doctors, authorities and education of the general public.
  • Comparison of the incidence of cancer at a cantonal, national and international level (contribution to international epidemiological cancer research).
  • Correlation of determined differences in incidence over time and space with factors that may play a role in cancer causation; important for identification of causes of cancer in the workplace and the environment.
  • Identification of risk groups in the population, to which preventive measures can be taken.
  • Case collection for cancer studies related to questions from the fields of pathology, clinical treatment and epidemiology.
  • Methodological consultation center for cancer epidemiology problems.
  • Determination of survival rates for clinics that require a follow-up.

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